Entry/exit and reception check-in

Two-dimensional code authentication and face recognition
User-friendly and intuitive UI/UX

Automate the flow of access control and visitor handling

It is possible to select the authentication method and combine the flow for access and exit, such as visitors, employees, and related persons who regularly enter the building.

You can print entrance passes by connecting to a label printer. Visitors can use the two-dimensional codes on the pass for exit processing, vending machine linking, and gate unlocking.
An increasing number of companies use robots such as RoBoHoN and Sota to provide hospitality and support to visitors.

WorkstyleOS records appointment histories and face-recognition logs. You can download the records from WorkstyleOS Portal.

Chat/Call Notification

The person in charge can receive notifications of visitors and respond directly from your chat tool, internal phone, FaceTime, etc.
With chat tools, you can prevent missed notifications by using re-notifications and CC notifications.

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Slack notification example

Chat tools

  • Slack
  • Chatwork
  • Google Hangouts Chat
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Workplace by facebook


  • FaceTime
  • On-Premise Extentions
  • Cloud Extentions
    • Dialpad
    • BIZTEL
    • SmartCloud@Phone
    • VoiceConnect


Customizable Reception

The reception system needs the functionality that meets the needs of the company and its visitors.
ACALL RECEPTION can be freely customized, from menu function settings to design.

Connecting with ACALL applications


Specializes in opening and closing gates using entrance passes.


You can also use the two-dimensional codes to pick up drinks from a vending machine. Great for employee benefits and visitor hospitality.

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